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Our Process

Our firm’s mission is to provide financial guidance that instills a sense of confidence in the lives of our clients. Comprehensive and transparent, our intuitive process was designed to help us meet our mission as a firm, and help our clients pursue their goals.

Through a five-step process, you can expect to gain confidence and understanding as you approach and enjoy retirement.

  1. Initial Meeting: Before we start delving into your financial life, we get to know who you are as a person. During this initial conversation, we will ask you about your family, your goals, and your purpose for working with a financial advisor. This is also a time for you to ask us questions, and get to know who we are on a more personal level.
  2. Gathering Information: Once we have established a mutual relationship and have agreed to work together, our team will gather important information about your financial life. While this may be intimidating to some people, it is an essential part of the planning process. By gaining a complete understanding of your personal financial life, we will be able to more effectively plan for your future.
  3. Designing a Strategy: Whether you are investing, planning for retirement, or outlining a legacy strategy, our team will create a plan that accounts for your current needs and future goals. We will review your detailed strategy with you to ensure it meets your needs, prior to putting it into action.
  4. Implementation: Once approved, your strategy will be implemented by Vasey Financial Services as planned.
  5. Monitor & Review: Our team will monitor the efficacy of your plan, and make adjustments as they become necessary. We will meet with you throughout the year to ensure your strategy is on track, and that your goals are being met. Able to adapt when your life suddenly changes or the markets shift, your plan is a living document designed to move with you.